[slf4j-announce] Release of SLF4J 1.5.1

Ceki Gulcu listid at qos.ch
Thu Jun 5 23:53:51 CEST 2008

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of SLF4J version

In order to support JCL version 1.1.1, the jcl104-over-slf4j module
was renamed as jcl-over-slf4j. SLF4J will no longer ship with
jcl104-over-slf4j.jar but with jcl-over-slf4j.jar. The related work
responds to enhancement request discussed in bug 85 as reported by
Niklas Gustavsson.

The slf4j-jcl binding now depends on commons-logging version 1.1.1
instead of the older 1.0.4

Added a java.util.logging to SLF4J bridge as requested in bug 38 by
Christian Stein, David Smiley, Johan Ferner, Joern Huxhorn and others.

Fixed bug 68 reported by Su Chuan and David Rauschenbach. SLF4J
requires log4j 1.2.12 or later. However, if an older version of log4j
is present (lacking the TRACE level), in order to avoid
NoSuchMethodError exceptions, the SLF4J's Log4jLoggerAdapter will map
the TRACE level as DEBUG.

Fixed bug 78 reported by Venu Thachappilly. If the argument array
passed to a Logger printing method (debug, info, etc.) was null, a
NullPointerException was thrown. With the correction, the
messagePattern is returned as is, without parameter substitution.

Added the getCopyOfContextMap and setContextMap methods to the
MDCAdapter and org.sf4j.MDC classes. This was requested in bug 84 by
Anton Tagunov.

Fixed bug 74, an endless recursion problem in Marker.contains method,
reported by Michael Newcomb. Also added he getDetachedMarker method to
IMarkerFactor and MarkerFactory classes which was indirectly requested
in bug 74.

Added the methods getLevel() and getEffectiveLevel() to the Category
class in log4j-over-slf4j. This addition was requested in bug 74 by
Michael Newcomb.

The SLF4J Migrator tool has been improved to support migration from

In MarkerIgnoringBase class, corrected mapping of trace methods with
markers to their equivalents without marker data. Previously, the
mapping was trace to debug. The incorrect mapping affected only calls
to the trace method with markers. Interestingly enough, this bug was
picked up by new unit tests and has not been reported as a bug by our

See also the compatibility report for this version available at


You can download SLF4J, including full source code, class files and
documentation on our download page, shown below.


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