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Boris Unckel boris.unckel.mlg at gmx.net
Tue Sep 12 15:59:32 CEST 2006

Hello Ceki,

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Datum: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 23:04:25 +0200
Von: "Ceki Gülcü" <listid at qos.ch>
> SLF4J is licensed under an X11 type of license which is considered
> universal, in the sense both the Free Software Foundation and Apache
> Software Foundation deem it compatible with their respective
> licensed. I am not aware of any organization which has issues with the
> X11 license.
I feel fine with the X11 license. It would be nice to have a HTML-link between the slf4j page "license" and http://www.opensource.org/ and the appropriate license there.

> Logback is licensed under LGPL because while its use is completely
> free, we would like logback extensions to be distributed under
> LGPL. The LGPL is widely accepted. One of the rare places where its
> frowned upon is the ASF. However, even ASF projects can use logback, as
> long as they do so behind SLF4J, which also happens to be the way
> recommended by logback.
> Does this answer your question?
Yes, fully. I just wondered about your move from Apache2.0 license (log4j), to X11 (slf4j), to LGPL (logback). Does this have personal reasons because you left the Apache-log4j public visibility after the rejected 1.2.10? (Please do not feel offended if I am wrong, it is just personal interest.)

<Personal Opinion>
To avoid flamewars when others read this message: Each open source project has good and valid reasons to choose its license type and concrete license. I am still a fan of the Apache2.0 license due to its less invasive character and the opportunity to allow commercial vendors to use/resell it when they like. I do not say that the <put your favourite here> license does not allow it or has better possibilities to do so or to be better for community purposes or ...
</Personal Opinion>


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