[logback-dev] svn commit: r1315 - logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources

noreply.seb at qos.ch noreply.seb at qos.ch
Mon Feb 5 17:02:26 CET 2007

Author: seb
Date: Mon Feb  5 17:02:26 2007
New Revision: 1315


Minor modification

Modified: logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/demo.html
--- logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/demo.html	(original)
+++ logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/demo.html	Mon Feb  5 17:02:26 2007
@@ -112,8 +112,7 @@
 is not very comfortable. To get rid of these logs, now that we've verified that they
 work, we can add an <code>EvaluatorFilter</code> to the Appender. Uncomment the
 part named <em>Cyclic buffer with Evaluator</em>. You may then
-comment or delete the first Basic Cyclic buffer <em>appender</em> element.
+comment  the first Basic Cyclic buffer <em>appender</em> element.</p>
 Let's take a look at the filter we've just added:

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