[logback-dev] LogBack progress

Niclas Hedhman niclas at hedhman.org
Tue Feb 6 03:25:00 CET 2007


I noticed that things are really progressing at LogBack, which is good. I
also feel that browsing the docs, it is a lot of Log4J thinking in there, so
instead of reading my eyes into blood, I thought I could just ask;

What is the main (bulleted) differences between the two??

What I am hoping to find is that LogBack has less tight integration between
the parts, and allows for better hooks at various levels. I.e. support for an 
SPI that free of classloading problems, proper allowance of object instances 
instead of class references, events for SPI level changes and so on.

Also, what is your policy on OSGi support, especially in view of the many
legacy APIs??

Not sure if you have seen Pax Logging, where I try to support every known API
to route into a Log4J driven backend, and support the OSGi dynamism and
reload of the Logging service, without killing the client bundles.
If LogBack is more modular by design than Log4J, I would like to either 
integrate Pax Logging into this project, or vice versa, making LogBack 
driving the default Pax Logging service implementation instead of Log4J.


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