[logback-dev] svn commit: r1382 - logbackPDE/trunk/plugins/ConsolePlugin

noreply.seb at qos.ch noreply.seb at qos.ch
Fri Mar 2 17:20:26 CET 2007

Author: seb
Date: Fri Mar  2 17:20:26 2007
New Revision: 1382


new idea :)

Modified: logbackPDE/trunk/plugins/ConsolePlugin/todo.txt
--- logbackPDE/trunk/plugins/ConsolePlugin/todo.txt	(original)
+++ logbackPDE/trunk/plugins/ConsolePlugin/todo.txt	Fri Mar  2 17:20:26 2007
@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@
 Autoscroll use with double-buffer and stop the filling of the console when auto scroll = off
+Use Cyclic Buffer to allow the user to change the pattern used to display the events. When the pattern
+is changed, we clear the console and re-enter the events contained in the buffer with the new pattern.
 Allow the user to change the socket's port
 Make the viewer always display the latest lines added

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