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Date: Wed Mar 28 21:09:33 2007
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Updated doc 

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+    You may have noticed the two buttons on the left side of the filter windows
+    labelled <em>Up</em> and <em>Down</em>. An important concept ruling the filters
+    in logback is that filters are called in a chain. As we've seen above, 
+    a filter returning <em>ACCEPT</em> or <em>DENY</em> will stop the chain
+    and have a direct impact on the logging event. It is sometimes important
+    to manage the order in which filters are called to achieve a specific
+    filtering policy.
+   </p>
+   <p>
     You should now be ready to experience the logback plugin and use its functionnalites.
     If you have any question about its use, feel free to use the logback
     <a href="mailinglist.html">mailing lists</a>.

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@@ -48,7 +48,10 @@
         <a href="demo.html">Walk-through logback-demo webApp</a>
-      </li>      
+      </li>    
+      <li>
+        <a href="consolePlugin.html">User guide of the logback plugin for Eclipse</a>
+      </li>    
 		<p>Source code related documentation:</p>

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