[logback-dev] Release of logback version 0.9.12

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Thu Dec 4 23:56:52 CET 2008

4th of December 2008 - Release of version 0.9.12

After a lull of one month, I am happy to announce the release of
logback version 0.9.12. This version includes both bug fixes as well
as significant enhancements. Here is the list:

Fixed bug LBCORE-26 reported by Tsutomu YANO and independently by
Hontvári József and Gamaliel Amaudruz. RollingFileAppender when used
in conjunction with DateBasedRollingPolicy will rollover existing log
files at initialization if their timestamp warrants it.

Added support for file appending in prudent mode. Thus, multiple
FileAppender instances running on multiple JVMs can safely write to
the same log file. With certain limitations, prudent mode extends to

Fixed LBCLASSIC-83. It is now possible to set the level of a logger to
null, even if it was previously set to a non-null level. Previously, a
NullPointerException would be thrown.

In reponse to LBCLASSIC-61, LBCLASSIC-33, LBCLASSIC-24 and
LBCLASSIC-14 JMXConfigurator has been redesigned.

Fixed LBGENERAL-22. The log4j.properties translator web-application
has been significatnly refactored.

Fixed improvement request LBCLASSIC-59 relation to StatusListeners,
originally submitted by Anton Tagunov.

The logger and class name converters now consider zero as having
special meaning, and will return the simple class name, removing the
package name prefix. This feature was asked by Silvano Maffeis.

In response to LBCLASSIC-54 support for turbo filters has
refactored. The present code is safe under concurrent access while
still offering good performance.

Fixed LBCORE-43 reported by Bruno Navert. Configuration files can now
look up property files from classpath resources.

Fixed LBCLASSIC-86 related to AccessControlException thrown when run
in a JVM with a SecurityManager.

Invoking the LoggerContext.reset() method resets logger levels to
their default value, that is DEBUG for the root logger and null for
all other loggers. This was requested in LBCLASSIC-90 by Mateusz

Fixed bug LBCLASSIC-69 reported by Anton Tagunov. The
LevelToSyslogSeverity now correctly handles the TRACE level.

Fixed bug LBCLASSIC-57 reported by Anton Tagunov. SyslogAppender could
overwhelm the Syslog server with very large messages. SyslogAppender
now limits its message size to 256K.

Logback now supports setting the logger context name as well as
inserting variables stored in JNDI as properties.

Fixed issue LBCLASSIC-49 reported by Oliver Lietz. The getLogger()
method in LoggerContext class will now throw an
IllegalArgumentException when invoked with a null argument.

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documentation on our download page, shown below.


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Ceki Gülcü
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