[logback-dev] Logback 0.9.14

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Thu Dec 11 17:11:49 CET 2008

Hello Szel,

There are several new features I was planning to add in 0.9.14. So, early 2009 
is a likely release date. If you are really in a hurry, you could build the SVN 
trunk and use that.

The results of

 > svn diff   https://svn.qos.ch/repos/logback/tags/release_0.9.13/trunk 

lead me to think that there are only bug fixes between the current trunk and 

I have created a new tag for you which is a snapshot of the current trunk. To 
build this intermediary version of logback 0.9.14:

 > svn co http://svn.qos.ch/repos/logback/tags/release_0.9.14M0/trunk lb-0914M0/
 > cd lb-0914M0
 > mvn install

I hope this helps in the mean time,

Szel, Zoltan (IT) wrote:
> Hi,
> could you please tell  me when logback 0.9.14 is going to be released? 
> The _http://jira.qos.ch/browse/LBCORE-78_ issue is too severe for me 
> which blocks me using 0.9.13. Thanks in advance!
> Kind Regards,
> Zoltan Szel
> Morgan Stanley | Technology
> Lechner Odon fasor 8 | Floor 07
> Budapest, 1095
> Phone: +36 1 881-3978
> Zoli.Szel at MorganStanley.com <mailto:Zoli.Szel at MorganStanley.com>

Ceki Gülcü
Logback: The reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging framework for Java.

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