[logback-dev] Least-effort logging with bytecode modification

Robert Elliot rob at lidalia.org.uk
Tue Nov 18 16:55:24 CET 2008

Thanks - I checked the slf4j-ext project when I started, but not the Subversion repository.  I presume this is a post-compile step rather than runtime byte code alteration?

A few things I'm implementing in my aspectj based version which you may or may not be interested in:

1) something like a PatternLayout to allow the user to choose the format of the messages at runtime (I prefer single > to double >> for instance on method entry - petty, but I feel it should be up to the user!  And it's nice to be able to truncate parameter or return values if they are going to be utterly huge)

2) trace logging of field value changes so you get output like this:
fieldName initialValue -> newValue

3) loggers named after the class and method / field name, so you can be more fine grained in what output you get

4) passing the stacktrace to the output (depending on how you configure the pattern) so that if you are interested in what it was that changed the field or called the method you don't need trace logging on for the entire application

5) an @Secure annotation to allow the programmer to mark a parameter or return value as something that should not be accessible via trace logging - e.g. a password

Out of curiousity (not criticising!) what was the reason for picking javassist rather than aspectj?


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You should have a look at the slf4j extensions project first. There is 
something in development there.

Robert Elliot wrote:
> I have an AspectJ project I'm working on to add trace logging via SLF4J on  
> method & constructor entry & exit & variable change.  I'll put it up  
> as an enhancement JIRA once I've done a little more work on it.
> Rob
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> Ramon Nogueira skrev  den 26-07-2008 05:01:
>> I thought of implementing this with AspectJ but its probably easier to
>> just use ASM directly for such a simple case.
>> Any ideas/suggestions/precedents?
> You might find 
> http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2008/04/24/add-logging-at-class-load-time-with-instrumentation.html 
> interesting (I wrote it) as it describes how to add entry and exit 
> logging statements to existing code at load time.
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