[logback-dev] JMX Triggered Rollover for RollingFileAppender

Tom Liu Tom.SH.Liu at MorganStanley.com
Wed Nov 4 07:04:54 CET 2009

Hi logback dev,

We use RollingFileAppender quite heavily and it works perfect for us
in most cases. However, in some situation, we find the local file
system we're logging to is almost full when our application is still
running, so we want to trigger a rollover manually via jmx, which
archives the log file to a networked file system.
In this way, we can make some extra space on local file system and
prevent losing logs.

Would you like to consider adding jmx triggered rollover feature,
which could work with all the built-in rolling policies
(FixedWindowRollingPolicy and TimeBasedRollingPolicy) ?

Is there any way to achieve jmx triggered rollover in logback at this moment?

I've filed a jira here:

Thanks in advance !

Best Regards,

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