[logback-dev] SQLDialect for Sybase SQLAnywhere

Michael Lynch adoptablecoho at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 02:05:09 CET 2010

Apologize if this is a duplicate, I tried to send before subscribing
the first time - not sure if it got though.

I am using Sybase SQLAnywhere 10 which doesn't support
getGeneratedKeys. Furtunately, the dialect is exactly the same as for
Microsoft SQLServer.  I have attached a new SQLDialect, and an update
ch.qos.logback.core.db.dialect.DBUtil to recognize the dialect.  I
believe this will work with other versions of Sybase SQLAnywhere, but
I don't have any other versions to test.

Can these small changes be integrated into the trunk?  If so, what can
I do to help?

http://old.nabble.com/file/p27714558/DBUtil.java DBUtil.java

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