[logback-dev] [JIRA] Created: (LBCLASSIC-188) Make table and column names overridable

Durchholz, Joachim Joachim.Durchholz at hennig-fahrzeugteile.de
Fri Feb 26 12:46:45 CET 2010

>   public String getTableName(String standardTableName) {
>     if("logging_event".equals(standardTableName) {
>       return standardTableName;
>     }
>     if("logging_event_property".equals(standardTableName) {
>       return standardTableName;
>     }
>     if("logging_event_exception".equals(standardTableName) {
>       return standardTableName;
>     }
>     throw new IllegalArgumentException(standardTableName + " 
> is an unknown table name");
>   }

How about
  public String getTableName(TableName tableName) {
    switch (tableName) {
      case EVENT: return "logging_event";
      case EVENT_PROPERTY: return "logging_event_property";
      case EVENT_EXCEPTION: return "logging_event_exception";

Using an enum has two advantages:
- Compilers can (some will) complain if you forget a case in the switch
- uses of TableName can be traced with cross-referencing tools

The disadvantage is that you can't extend the list.
However, if that kind of flexibility is needed, I'm not sure that a
separate resolver class is a good solution. It would need to provide a
table name for whatever the internal workings of DBAppender require, so
the coupling would be too tight.
(If logback can use generic classes, then DBAppender<DBNameResolver>
would be optimal IMHO.)


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