[logback-dev] [JIRA] Created: (LBCLASSIC-188) Make table andcolumn names overridable

Durchholz, Joachim Joachim.Durchholz at hennig-fahrzeugteile.de
Fri Feb 26 14:01:32 CET 2010

> I appreciate the input although considering that 
> DBNameResolver is a mere component of DBAppender, using 
> generics in this case is probably not the best design one can 
> come up with.

The generic design allows subclasses of DBAppender to require (and be
guaranteed to get) additional column names.

E.g. LBCLASSIC-187 "extend table definition with columns for message
parameters" will work with this. Enums won't, you can't extend the list
of values in a subclass.

The generics solution would also allow extensions in other directions.
E.g. to provide additional table names, such as a separate table to
normalize out message parameter values.

Hope the feedback is still useful

P.S.: I've got a last proposal up my sleeve that's geared towards
But one at a time :)

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