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Brett Walker brett.walker at geometryit.com
Mon Jun 28 05:10:17 CEST 2010

Hi All,

In the source code for PatternLayout.java in logback.classic the following lines for the rules for the context name pattern are present (I assume that 'cn' is a shorthand for the context name):

115    defaultConverterMap.put("cn", ContextNameAction.class.getName());

116    defaultConverterMap.put("contextName", ContextNameConverter.class.getName());

This seems to be at odds with all the other rules for patterns. Either:

 a) i)  The 'cn' pattern is not about the context name, if so then what does stand for?

    ii) Why does the class name indicate inheritance from a Joran Action rather than a Converter?


 b) The lines should be the following which is typical of other pattern rules:

115    defaultConverterMap.put("cn", ContextNameConverter.class.getName());

116    defaultConverterMap.put("contextName", ContextNameConverter.class.getName());

Could you please clarify.

Thanks in advance,


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