[logback-dev] Volunteering offer Dima Zelinskyi Kiev Ukraine

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Wed Dec 21 14:31:37 CET 2011

Hi Dmytro,

Thank you for your message. In an earlier message, you indicated your 
willingness to work as a volunteer for the logback project. There are a 
number of areas where you could contribute:

1) improve logback build time

I would like to reduce the time it takes to build logback. This would 
involve identification and elimination of bottleneck tests. This is 
actually very hard work and requires good understanding of logback.

2) incrementally improve the look and feel of the logback web-site using 
TW Bootstrap. See http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

http://articles.qos.ch/contributing.html gives a description of site 
structure for mistletoe but logback's site structure is the same.

3) fix a bug of your choice from long list available at jira.qos.ch

I'd recommend #2 which is relatively the easiest.


On 21.12.2011 13:06, Dmytro Zelinskyi wrote:
> Hi Ceki,
> About myself:
> - I am working with Java near 1,5 years
> - Have one year commercial experience (working with
> http://www.securus-software.com/ project - create e-safety product)
> - My main task is creating test framework for our project for testing
> webgui of our server. I am working with next technologies and
> frameworks: selenium, testng, aspectj, reflection, xpath, log4j, maven
> build tool, using design patterns.
> - I have a good knowledge of core Java
> Now I want to have more experience with OSS, learning new frameworks,
> technologies ect.
> *I am responsible, active, ambitious.*
> *Have good English knowledge.*
> --
> Best Regards,
> *Dmytro Zelinskyi !*

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