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Tony Trinh tony19 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 23:49:37 CEST 2011

Hi Ceki,

The changes are not as pervasive as one might expect. There are only a
handful of files that are modified. Anything that cannot be supported in
Android is omitted from the build (including the features I previously
listed). There is no Android-specific code (e.g., calls to the android.os

The most significant change is the addition 4 small classes to replace the
Introspector class (and friends) used in PropertySetter. I had to roll my
own since Android doesn't support the necessary packages, and it was pretty
straightforward since only a small portion of the class is needed.

I'm ready to check in my changes, but I just wasn't sure where to put it:
the fork itself or a branch of it? Skimming the other logback forks, I
didn't really see a convention (although I did see some branch-of-fork

Regarding merging into your git repo... My original vision was to build
either a standard JAR or an Android JAR from Maven using a single code
repository, and this is possible (from what I can tell) using Maven profiles
and possibly some minor refactoring of a few classes. However, if you
believe logback-android should be kept as a separate project (like
slf4j-android), I can certainly maintain that.

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