[logback-dev] Two syslog bugfixes, LOGBACK-401 and LOGBACK-141

Pasi Eronen pe at iki.fi
Mon Sep 10 20:16:25 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

I've fixed two very simple but long-standing SyslogAppender bugs,
LOGBACK-401 ("SyslogAppender prints %PARSER_ERROR[nopexXXX] when
suffixPattern doesn't start with [") and LOGBACK-141 ("Syslog messages
over 64K are discarded"):



I hope these fixes could be included in the next version of Logback.
This is my first contribution to Logback, so I don't know if a
GitHub pull request is the proper procedure (if it's not,
please let me know).

Best regards,
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