[logback-dev] Splitting up logback-extensions project

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Tue Sep 11 13:16:47 CEST 2012

Hello all,

Following up on a discussion on github [1], it seems reasonable to
split the logback-extensions project into two separate umbrella
projects with CLAs on file serving as the only separation
criteria. The split does not have any relation to code quality or
community health.

The list of contributors with CLA on file can be found at [2]. Looking
at the logback-extensions umbrella project, it appears that the
following projects have been contributed by developers with CLAs on

eclipse/  (Tony Trinh)
jackson/  (Les Hazlewood)
json/     (Les Hazlewood, Pierre Quinnec)
mongodb/  (Christian Trutz, Tomasz Nurkiewicz)

as such, I propose that they remain in logback-extensions and be
released under the ch.qos.logback.extensions groupID in Maven
Central. If any contributor feels that the second umbrella project
(see below) would be a better home, he/they is/are welcome to move to
the second umbrella project and without prejudice.

The following project contains contributions from developers without 
CLAs non file

loggly/  (Les Hazlewood, Marten Gustafson)
spring/  (Les Hazlewood, Bryan Turner, Juergen Hoeller)

Marten Gustafson, Bryan Turner and Juergen Hoeller do not have CLAs on
file. I propose that these projects be moved to a new umbrella project
named logback-stuff/logback-etcetera/logback-sundries. We still have
to determine the name. This project will be released under a groupId
outside the "ch.qos" namespace.

Given that this split bears no relation to code quality or community
health, contributions should pick the umbrella project that pleases
them most.

Before going forward with the split, we must first pick a name for the
second umbrella project. Here are the names I find suitable:
logback-stuff, logback-etcetera and logback-sundries. Are there other
suggestions for names?


[1] http://tinyurl.com/ckue3cu
[2] http://tinyurl.com/signedCLAs


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