[logback-dev] Splitting up logback-extensions project

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Wed Sep 12 23:33:30 CEST 2012

Hi all,

As indicated in [1] Les would like to keep the name logback-extensions
for the umbrella project *not* requiring CLAs residing *outside* the
ch.qos namespace. Out of deference to his original initiative of
creating logback-extensions in the first place, we should abide by his

We still have to find a name for the second umbrella project. How
about the name "logback-contrib" as Tony suggested? This second umbrella 
project would be reserved for original contributions from developers 
with CLAs and would reside under the ch.qos namespace.

Now, loggly/ and spring/ need to remain in logback-extensions and
their groupId and package names have to change as to reside outside
the "ch.qos" namespace. However, the eclipse, jackson/, json/ and
mongodb/ projects have the option of moving to the second umbrella
project (logback-contrib?) and continue to remain under the ch.qos 

Tony, please let us know where you would like to have eclipse/. 
Christian, Tomasz where youd you like to host mongodb/? Les, where would 
you like to host jackson/ and json/?

BTW, if any of the above is confusing do not hesitate to ask questions.

[1] http://tinyurl.com/9f6cve2

On 12.09.2012 00:01, Christian Trutz wrote:
> +1 for releasing /mongodb under ch.qos.logback.extensions groupID in Maven
> Central.
> Christian
> 2012/9/11 ceki <ceki at qos.ch>:
>> Hello all,
>> Following up on a discussion on github [1], it seems reasonable to
>> split the logback-extensions project into two separate umbrella
>> projects with CLAs on file serving as the only separation
>> criteria. The split does not have any relation to code quality or
>> community health.
>> The list of contributors with CLA on file can be found at [2]. Looking
>> at the logback-extensions umbrella project, it appears that the
>> following projects have been contributed by developers with CLAs on
>> file
>> eclipse/  (Tony Trinh)
>> jackson/  (Les Hazlewood)
>> json/     (Les Hazlewood, Pierre Quinnec)
>> mongodb/  (Christian Trutz, Tomasz Nurkiewicz)
>> as such, I propose that they remain in logback-extensions and be
>> released under the ch.qos.logback.extensions groupID in Maven
>> Central. If any contributor feels that the second umbrella project
>> (see below) would be a better home, he/they is/are welcome to move to
>> the second umbrella project and without prejudice.
>> The following project contains contributions from developers without CLAs
>> non file
>> loggly/  (Les Hazlewood, Marten Gustafson)
>> spring/  (Les Hazlewood, Bryan Turner, Juergen Hoeller)
>> Marten Gustafson, Bryan Turner and Juergen Hoeller do not have CLAs on
>> file. I propose that these projects be moved to a new umbrella project
>> named logback-stuff/logback-etcetera/logback-sundries. We still have
>> to determine the name. This project will be released under a groupId
>> outside the "ch.qos" namespace.
>> Given that this split bears no relation to code quality or community
>> health, contributions should pick the umbrella project that pleases
>> them most.
>> Before going forward with the split, we must first pick a name for the
>> second umbrella project. Here are the names I find suitable:
>> logback-stuff, logback-etcetera and logback-sundries. Are there other
>> suggestions for names?
>> Cheers,
>> [1] http://tinyurl.com/ckue3cu
>> [2] http://tinyurl.com/signedCLAs
>> --
>> Ceki
>> http://tinyurl.com/proLogback



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