[logback-dev] logback-dev Digest, Vol 19, Issue 66

cyril.lapinte at free.fr cyril.lapinte at free.fr
Mon Apr 22 14:14:07 CEST 2013

Hello Ceki,

I have started to work on defect #298.
I really appreciate it. Logback is a such a nice piece of code ;-)

As far as I know the defect looks like a deadlock.
I will have to dive deeper to find where it is possible for the 3 (Main, Worker and Reader) threads to acquire more than one lock.


Hi Cyril,

Thank you for your proposal. Are any topics you'd be particularly 
interested in? Would like to see a particular bug fixed or feature 
added? How familiar are you with the logback code base?

Looking forward for your response,


On 4/20/2013 1:28 PM, cyril.lapinte at free.fr wrote:
> Greeting,
> I recently read a tweet from Ceki where he called for volunteers in the Qos Logback project.
> That's why I am reporting here.
> In few words, I am a professional open source Java developer in Geneva.
> I already have the opportunity to use logback in some real production environments.
> I will be to use my skills for whatever it is best for the project.
>  From the volunteers page tasks list, I can work both on the 10min tutorial and/or fixing some bugs.
> Best regards,
> Cyril Lapinte


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