[logback-dev] log file parser requierements

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Mon Apr 22 22:49:38 CEST 2013

Hi Johannes,


The goal of logback-decoder is to convert one or more lines found in a
log file (containing text) into a series of objects of type
ILoggingEvent. Thus, FileAppender converts instances of ILoggingEvent
into one or more lines in a log file, a decoder performs the inverse

It should be assumed that the first line of the log file contains the
pattern that was used to format the output. See
http://logback.qos.ch/manual/encoders.html#outputPatternAsHeader for
further details.

Is the above sufficient to get you started?

On 22.04.2013 22:27, Johannes Bühler wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ceki asked for a volunteer for writing a logback log file parser. I am
> interested in doing it.
> Are there already some initial requierements available?
> Looking forward to it!
> Cheers,
> Johannes

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