[logback-dev] Defect on AsyncAppenderBaseTest in build #298

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Tue Apr 23 17:43:31 CEST 2013

On 23.04.2013 13:28, cyril.lapinte at free.fr wrote:
> Hello,
> I have look a bit more into the defect.
> The stacktrace is showing some interesting bits of information :
> http://logback.qos.ch/jenkins/job/logback/ch.qos.logback$logback-core/298/testReport/junit/ch.qos.logback.core/AsyncAppenderBaseTest/workerShouldStopEvenIfInterruptExceptionConsumedWithinSubappender/
> JUnit is timing out right when the main thread is in the fail method of the last AssertTrue (L105 of AsyncAppenderBaseTest)

Why do you say that JUnit is timing out? The way I read the stack
trace, delayingListAppender.interrupted is false instead of true, and
the assertion on line 105 fails. If there were a timeout, junit could
throw an exception with the message "java.lang.Exception: test timed
out after 2000 milliseconds".

> I successfully reproduce the stacktrace on my computer at home (in 50% of test runs) for a specific test code outside of logback.
> But it is not reproductible on my laptop at work. So I still have to work on it to discover the full story.
> We can probably already assert the following :
> - Since we did enter the fail function. The assert did fail. Why? I think this is the main question

"Why did the assertion fail?" is indeed the question.

> - Is the 2sec timeout of the test was reach? How? There is 1sec dedicated for the join but the test length is only 1ms.

I see no indication of a timeout.

> By the way, it is not related to the bug, but I don't see any constraints that ensure that the worker thread is block by the BlockingQueue when the main thread try to interrupt it.
> The worker thread might be in the RUNNING state.
> Am I wrong ? Maybe it is expected ?

If the Worker thread is invoking aai.appendLoopOnAppenders(), the
interruption may be consumed by the sub-appenders, but that is mostly
OK, since the the parent.isStarted() condition will be false, and the
while loop (line 223) will be exited.

The workerShouldStopEvenIfInterruptExceptionConsumedWithinSubappender
test assumes that the main thread will finish before
DelayingListAppender completes the 100ms wait. If the host machine is
slow or very busy, this assumption is sometimes incorrect. Note that
the verify(delayingListAppender, 1) call on line 104 returns without
failure. This means that delayingListAppender is stopped, contains 1
element, no errors occured and the worker thread flushed the remaining

Does the above make sense?

> Cyril

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