[logback-dev] exceptionMessageIncluded parameter for SyslogAppender

Roman Ivanov ivanov-jr at mail.ru
Fri Oct 18 02:15:23 CEST 2013

 Hi Developers,

Does it make sense to extend SysLogAppender with  "throwableMessageAppended" field to allow attach Exception/Throwable message
to event ?

Reason: Syslog is non linux/unix event logging system that does not support multi-line, so java developers play with substitution of EndOfLine symbols to make it conform unix rules for event logging. But in this case event become unreadable if full stacktrace is in event. It is most likely required only to see Exception message and then decide how to react on problem.

No message nor full stacktrace is enough to investigate and fix problem - developer need see full log from job and context of event before. So having ability to have in Syslog only exception message is more convenient and short.

In detail, and examples:  http://roman-ivanov.blogspot.com/2013/10/logging-exception-message-in-log-event.html

Roman Ivanov
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