[logback-dev] Fwd: Can you add the folllowing method in next release?

Ramon Gordillo gordillo.ramon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 10:50:14 CET 2015


I am an architect that works with Tibco for a long time. Its BusinessWorks
product (the old 5.x) has an option to use log4j, and as new 6.x version
uses slf4j and logback, we will like to start using all the potential in
5.x too.

We have set up the log4j bridge, but we need the
Category.getAppender(String name) method that is not currently implemented.

Can you please add the following method to the log4j-over-slf4j project
(org.apache.log4j.Category class)?

*public* Appender getAppender(String name){

  // return null to avoid NoSuchMethodException

  *return* *null*;

Many thanks.
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