[logback-user] An OSGi bundle for logback?

John E. Conlon jconlon at verticon.com
Thu Feb 8 20:48:34 CET 2007

Ceki Gülcü wrote:
> At 10:45 PM 2/7/2007, John E. Conlon wrote:
>> Are there any plans for a logback OSGi bundle in the foreseeable 
>> future?  ;-)
> Hi John,
> No specific plans yet, but that's definitely something we should do in 
> the future. 
Apache Directory is moving towards a 1.5 release that will support 
OSGi.  We need slf4j based logging to utilize an industrial strength 
slf4j binding.  Since NLog is no longer actively being developed I think 
that points us to logback.
> However, I reckon that once we gain experience on the SLF4J side, 
> applying the know how to logback should be relatively easy.  

> Would you be interested in giving it a shot? :-)
Yes,  I could do a prototype first just to get something out there, but 
I would like to enlist the team to critique the prototype and help 
design a fuller featured version to replace it.


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