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Gerweck Andy - agerwe Andy.Gerweck at acxiom.com
Thu Feb 8 21:54:19 CET 2007

I'm another happy, impressed LOGBack user who has very similar needs. Where I develop, we have several different deployment levels, all of which require substantially different logging configurations (e.g., development, qa, staging, production). However, our standard rollout procedure currently produces one standard build, as a zip file, for QA and above. We control the configuration in our startup with a few environment variables. 

As I start to push for my team's adoption of LOGBack, some mechanism like the one proposed below will be essential. I can't see any reason why I couldn't include a base logging configuration file in the classpath as a springboard to the configurable logging location. It would be convenient to specify the location for quick-and-dirty hacks, but I could live without it. The only drawback is that Log4j offers this, so there may be some in my group who protest changing to an implementation they may call +IBw-incomplete.+IB0- That said, if I could only have one, it would definitely be the inclusion mechanism.

I+IBk-m not yet familiar with Joran, but it would be great if we could include some configure kind of mapping that along the lines of the below (pidgin pseudocode, but I think it's pretty clear). 

    logName +AD0-
      case ENV+AHs-'env'+AH0- of
        'qa'   -+AD4- 'qa-logback.xml'
        'dev'  -+AD4- 'log-dev.xml'
        'prod' -+AD4- 'logback.xml'
    logLocation +AD0- concat(ENV+AHs-'root'+AH0-, '/config/', logName)

As long as I can control the location of the file with an environment variable, I can make things work, but it would be great to make the file location a function of one or more variables as above. 

Thank you,
Andy Gerweck 



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Hi Michael,


What you propose makes sense. However, I'd like to limit the number of ways 

logback can be configured (to ease the brain-footprint of logback on our 

users.) How about if we allowed a config file to include parts from a 

different sources? This inclusion feature should allow you to reference a 

different file. Moreover, since Joran supports variable substitution, you 

could set the value of the variable through a system property. You would 

get the feature you are asking for, and we would keep the initialization 

procedure simple (err, simpler.).




If you agree, could you please file a bug report asking for inclusion 

feature in joran/logback?


At 07:08 PM 2/8/2007, Newcomb, Michael-P57487 wrote:

+AD4-If I have multiple tests that measure performance, debugging, vs. ??? I 

+AD4-don't want to change the file or have duplicate files in different directories.


+AD4-Look at the logback examples directory. 



+AD4-There are 3 different configuration files. I don't want any code 

+AD4-dependencies on Logback so the only way to configure logback is to use a 

+AD4-file called logback.xml or logback-test.xml.


+AD4-To execute chapter 2 I would have to copy those files to logback.xml or 

+AD4-logback-test.xml. Or put them in different directories and rename them all 

+AD4-to the same file name.





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+AD4-Hello Michael,


+AD4-At the moment, logback can load two different files: logback.xml and 

+AD4-logback-test.xml. They need to be in the classpath and can be useful to 

+AD4-separate the environments, e.g. development and production.


+AD4-This behavior is usually enough for many situations.


+AD4-Can you precise your request with a use case that would need a java 

+AD4-variable and would not be possible with the actual behavior?







+AD4-Newcomb, Michael-P57487 wrote:

+AD4- +AD4- e.g.:

+AD4- +AD4- -Dch.qos.logback.config+AD0-foo/bar/my-logback.xml

+AD4- +AD4-

+AD4- +AD4- Thanks,

+AD4- +AD4- Michael

+AD4- +AD4-

+AD4- +AD4-

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+AD4-S+AOk-bastien Pennec



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