[logback-user] Multiple files and other issues

Marco Bresciani m.bresciani at email.it
Fri Mar 6 11:13:02 CET 2009

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> What do you mean by customization of the file according to application
> Do you mean that the log file *name* should depend on some data found in
> session or do you mean that the data contained *within* the log file
> depend on data from the session? By the way, what is the data in the
session? Is 
> it the user name?

Sorry, I was not clear.
  What happens now, with the basic file, is:

1. I run my application;
2. the file trace/WebEML is created;
3. the application is running;
4. I run another session of my application (i.e.: double click again);
5. the same trace/WebEML file seems used.

I'd like to have, for example, something like:

trace/WebEML_111145.log for the first application session, ran at 11:11.45

trace/WebEML_111222.log for the secon application session, ran at 11:12.22

or something like that, in order to distinguish the two different logs. Is
it possible?


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