[logback-user] Remove appender from SiftingAppender

Matthias Kretschmar mkr at archikart.de
Wed Mar 17 14:10:17 CET 2010

Hi @ all,

I have an application handeling commands. Every command is created,
executed and deleted at the end.
For this, I use a SiftingAppender, with the commandId from the MDC as
As I understand the concept of the SiftingAppender, it creates a new
Appender (in my case FileAppenders that write to seperate folders) for
every command, that is created. So far, so good.

Now I want to delete my command, inclusive its working directory with
its logs. There I get a exception, that the directory cannot be deleted,
because files are still in use. I assume, that the logfile cannot be
deleted, because the Stream of the FileAppender still is open. Is there
a possibility to close the stream. I would prefer a solution, where the
FileAppender is closed or detached only by use of slf4j-api. But I
believe, that I also have to use logBack in my source code.

Until now, I succeeded getting the SiftingAppender, but I couldn't get
the FileAppender.


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