[logback-user] Lilith 0.9.38 has been released!

Joern Huxhorn jhuxhorn at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 26 10:05:51 CET 2010

This release features more comfortable filtering of events and adds
the ability to directly write Lilith logfiles using Logback.
Please see the appropriate section in the help for more info.

- Added help about using Lilith encoders in FileAppender.
- Added detection of outdated index files and the option to reindex
   a log file in that case.
   This is helpful while reopening log files created by a FileAppender.
- Added new modules de.huxhorn.lilith.logback.encoder.classic
   and de.huxhorn.lilith.logback.encoder.access to support writing of  
   logfiles using Logback FileAppender.
   Thanks to Ceki for supporting this!
- Added some more tips.
- Added shortcut for "Close all" action.
- Views aren't opened anymore in case of connection closed for black-
   or not whitelisted sources.
   This was reported by Vlad Satanovski.
- Added the ability to clear a filtered view. Doing this clears the  
   view and resets the filtered view.
   This was suggested by Joe.
- Moved BufferTableModel to new module sulky-buffers-table.
- Moved RowBasedTableModel and PersistentTableColumnModel to module  
- Implemented the workaround for Apple Problem ID #7240026 suggested  
by GalaJon.
   Thanks a lot!
   See http://bit.ly/5vF5M2
- Of-by-one error in message renderer [+x lines].
- Lilith log is now showing uncaught exceptions as errors.
- Added "Uncaught Exception" debug action.
- The find panel has been heavily refactored.
   Instead of a text-field it now features a combobox containing
   the previous 15 searches that were used for filtered views.  
   there's a new filter type "Named" that populates the combobox with
   named/saved conditions. Similarly, selecting "Level>=" populates the
   combobox with the correct values from TRACE to ERROR. The comboboxes,
   both filter type selection and filter text, feature autocompletion
   of entered text.
   This was suggested by Joe.
- updated: SLF4J 1.5.11, Logback 0.9.19, Groovy 1.7.0, Protobuf 2.3.0

Download it now!


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