[logback-user] Configure logback within an EAR

Kantzer, Chris E ckantzer at cxloyalty.com
Tue Oct 28 20:21:31 CET 2014

I am trying to convert our web applications which are packaged within EARs to use logback instead of log4j.  I would like to separate the log messages for each application into their own log file.   I'm having an issue with shared EJBs within each EAR not logging to the same log file as the web-apps.  The shared EJBs all use static logger references.

My artifacts are packaged as follows:



Using the ContextJNDISelector and SiftingAppenders I am able to separate the log messages for the web apps, but the EJB log messages are not being logged.  I'm thinking this is due to the EJB not have the same context (or an context?) as the web apps so they are not getting picked up by the SiftingAppender with my logback config xml?

Is there a standard way to configure logback so that the shared EJBs are included?  Do I need to move the logback config xml to the EAR?  Is this a issue with how we are packaging our EARs?

I can provide my logback config and other config if needed.

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