[logback-user] No logfile when starting application from a remote host : Problem solved

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I could solve the problem. I didn’t consider that after login via ssh on the remote host the ‘execution’ environment is the user’s home directory. But our application is in a different directory and we configured the logs to be there (we detected the logs by accident in the home directory).
Thus I had to combine two commands in ssh call with ProxyCommand – first a change directory and then the call of the start script. Now it works.
Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards,

Michael Fankanowsky

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Spring Boot is a magic.

They probably expose some JMX endpoints but I know a way with Actuator endpoints, check in that order of importance:

curl http://localhost:8080/actuator/env
curl http://localhost:8080/actuator/loggers
curl http://localhost:8080/actuator/ configprops

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we are using logback v1.2.3 in a Springboot application which is running on Linux. When starting the application locally on the Linux host, logfile is created and application logs to it. When starting the application from a remote host via ssh then no logfile is created. When restarting the application (logfile is present and application has been logging to it) from a remote host, then no log messages will be logged to the existing logfile. It is working when restarting the application locally on the Linux host.
Does anyone have an idea concerning this behavior?

Best regards,

Michael Fankanowsky
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