[slf4j-user] slf4j should support programmatic log level adjustment: seeking design rationale

kip k kip_kip_t at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 23:56:56 CEST 2007

Hi Jacob,

thanks for your response.  perhaps I was corn-fused.  nonetheless, I
still feel that there is a gap in the slf4j api, due to the fact that I can
find no way to update a logger's level, without resorting to a call to the
underlying logging implementation.

thanks for suggesting LogWeb.  It looks like a neat tool, but alas I have
no servlet container into which I could deploy such a beast.  I did however
notice that log4j ships with a nifty set of MBeans, among them:
    org.apache.log4j.jmx.HierarchyDynamicMBean, which allows one to
instantiate a new logger MBean of the type:
    org.apache.log4j.jmx.LoggerDynamicMBean, which, in turn, offers
capabilities to adjust the logger's level (or priority in log4j-speak).  This
fits the bill, and I'm basically done with the help of these off-the-shelf

That said, the intent of my original message is no less relevant.  I still
like slf4j's deployment-time flexibility, but would prefer to utilize it
exclusively.  To wit, the MBeans I mentioned above would be
phenomenally helpful if they were re-coded against the slf4j API,
so that they would be applicable to any logging implementation.

To be succinct, I'd like to know whether programmatic log level adjustment
is a feature on the roadmap (e.g. "patches welcome") or has been
intentionally ruled out of the slf4j api design.



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