[logback-dev] [Bug 28] logback-0.5.tar.gz contains a copy of logback-0.5.zip

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------- Comment #1 from noreply.sebastien at qos.ch  2006-11-02 10:25 -------
Hello Ceki,

I've seen that... 

When we run maven, the zip file is created first, then the tar file.

We specify that the assemblies must be saved in target/site/dist, to that they
are at their final place and when we run site:deploy, everything is sent to the
website, including assemblies. By doing this, the zip file is already in the
site files when the tar file is created, and thus also included in the tar

We can easily remove this problem by specifying another destinations for
assemblies. But then the deployment will take one more step, after deploying
the site we will need to send the assemblies to the web server.

Using <excludes> in the assembly configuration file (dist.xml in parent
directory) hasn't worked for me this morning.

I'm guessing that the deploy plugin of maven could help here, I'll check that
out later today.

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