[logback-dev] svn commit: r1167 - logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources

noreply.ceki at qos.ch noreply.ceki at qos.ch
Sat Jan 6 18:22:37 CET 2007

Author: ceki
Date: Sat Jan  6 18:22:37 2007
New Revision: 1167



ASF has authorized us to adapt and make use of their ICL agreement.

Modified: logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/cla.txt
--- logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/cla.txt	(original)
+++ logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/cla.txt	Sat Jan  6 18:22:37 2007
@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
          Individual Contributor License Agreement ("Agreement") 
+This agreement is an adaptation  of the Apache Software Foundation ICL
+agreement where  references to  ASF have been  replaced by  QOS.ch. We
+thank the ASF for allowing QOS.ch to make use of their ICL agreement.
 Thank  you  for your  interest  in QOS.ch.  In  order  to clarify  the
 intellectual  property  license granted  with  Contributions from  any
 person  or entity, QOS.ch  must have  a Contributor  License Agreement

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