[logback-dev] svn commit: r1267 - logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/xdocTemplates

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Tue Jan 23 14:50:43 CET 2007

Author: seb
Date: Tue Jan 23 14:50:43 2007
New Revision: 1267


minor addition

Modified: logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/xdocTemplates/demo.xml
--- logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/xdocTemplates/demo.xml	(original)
+++ logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/xdocTemplates/demo.xml	Tue Jan 23 14:50:43 2007
@@ -46,8 +46,6 @@
 	Then, visit <em>http://localhost:8080/logback-demo/</em> to view the main page of the logback demo.
-<p>image main page</p>
 <h3>Logback Classic</h3>
@@ -427,6 +425,15 @@
+In the <em>logback-access.xml</em> configuration file, uncomment the <em>JMX</em>
+part and restart the server. A <code>CountingFilter</code> will now be available in
+the <em>ch.qos.logback.access</em> domain. Clicking on it will display several statistical
+figures corresponding to server accesses. Loading some application pages will make
+these figures grow and show a time-sensitive picture of the server activity.
 These is more to discover with logback and JMX. In the <em>logback.xml</em> file, 
 placed in the <em>src/main/resources</em> directory, uncomment the <code>JMXConfigurator</code>
 element. Once done, restart the server.

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