[logback-dev] [Bug 100] Serialization of objectArray in LoggingEvent does not always work

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joern at huxhorn.de changed:

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------- Comment #4 from joern at huxhorn.de  2008-02-18 11:39 -------
Translation of LoggingEvents - as suggested/requested on the mailing list -
would actually be possible quite easily if my fix would be applied instead of
the initial resolution idea, i.e. declaring the argumentArray transient.

If the argumentArray is serialized as Strings they could still be used in a
parameterized message. Translation could be performed using the original
unformatted message as the key of the translation.

The unformatted message "Executing {} with parameter {} returned {}." could be
resolved to "Ergebnis: {2} (Aufruf: {0}({1}))." which could then be formatted
using java.text.MessageFormat by a special locale-aware appender. I provided
this stupid translation to show that a reordering of message arguments would be

I don't think that console appender as such should be extended to provide this
functionality but we shouldn't prevent a specialized appender implementation
from doing this by simply dropping the argumentArray.

I increased the severity to "blocker" because the next logback release should
definitely contain a fix for this problem... it causes *very* strange behavior.

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