[logback-dev] [Bug 105] SocketAppenderBase - ObjectOutputStream is not closed in case of an IOException.

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------- Comment #2 from noreply.ceki at qos.ch  2008-03-04 19:41 -------

I had a similar problem with hanging sockets in a different but very similar
context. I has a web-app named SINK which contained the equivalent of
SocketServer and numerous clients using the equivalent of SocketAppender.
Moreover, it was a *hard* requirement for the clients to send messages to the
SINK. For example, if the SINK web-app was not available, the clients would
simply stop working. 

Thus, it was important that the clients successfully *reconnect* to the SINK
web-app as soon as it became available. 

In turns out that the solution was to properly close all the sockets opened on
the SINK (including the serverSocket). There was no need to close the socket on
the client side after an exception as you are suggesting in your patch. 

Does the above apply or make sense in your case? 

Obviously, your patch is still applicable notwithstanding the above discussion.
I am looking into it.

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