[logback-dev] What is the most efficient way - preferrably platform agnostic - to submit events from "the outside"?

Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen ravn at runjva.com
Wed Feb 25 00:54:53 CET 2009

As mentioned in the thread about LoggingEvent refactoring, I think that 
the underlying problem that should be solved first, is how to transport 
logging events in and out of a JVM as efficiently as possible.

Efficient means at least to me:

* Little overhead - both network bandwith wise, and cpu wise
* Large amounts of events can be sent fast - the host program is not 
tied up.
* Large amounts of events can be received fast - perhaps a bundle concept?
* Supports Unicode (no 8-bit folding)

The current approach for the Socketserver is a simple accept-and-fork 
system where the incoming data is serialized log events.    Pro:  Data 
stream is rather compact -> network friendly.  Contra:   Log events can 
only originate on a JVM with a compatible version of logback.   Jörn, 
perhaps you'd like to do a more complete writeup on what should be 

Larger datablocks may be acceptible if the data is lightly compressed.

My personal preference before actual experiments would be a XML format  
in a dialect supported by a third party, e.g. XMLDecoder/Encoder or an 
Apache project, as it is important to delegate the performance work to 
another team.

If we bring ZeroConf into it too for the discovery process it would be 
nice.  The default behaviour of network loggers in Java has not been 
established yet.

  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen  "...plus... Tubular Bells!"

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