[logback-dev] Running the logback project as a commitocracy

Ralph Goers rgoers at apache.org
Sun Feb 20 17:11:06 CET 2011

On Feb 20, 2011, at 5:11 AM, Joern Huxhorn wrote:
> Other big projects, like Hibernate and Spring, have also chosen to take the Gradle path. I'm pretty sure that Gradle is "the next big thing"...

I very much doubt it.  The big selling point for Maven is consistency - when you move from organization a to organization b (or even from project to project within a company) the same plugins still work the same way.  From what I saw Gradle is a lot looser (which many might view as a good thing) so it is easier to customize, but it also means a lot of the standardization is lost.  I know that within my own organization that is one of the huge selling points for our configuration management team. It doesn't matter what project they are getting a build from, they can run the same goals and get similar results.  If Gradle gets to that same place then it might be just as acceptable, but then it will have lost the main feature you are saying is an advantage. 

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