[logback-dev] About LBCORE-224...

Joern Huxhorn jhuxhorn at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 3 19:16:05 CEST 2011

On 30.09.2011, at 18:02, Ceki Gülcü wrote:

> On 29/09/2011 5:44 PM, Joern Huxhorn wrote:
>> This issue is still creeping me out.
>> First of all, I'm perfectly fine with your workaround.
> OK, good to hear. Thanks.
> > Nevertheless, we should probably create an app that produces the
> > IllegalMonitorStateException and deliver it to the Java developers. If
> > this is a Java bug - and I have no other explanation - then it's a
> > really critical one...
> Although I do not have the time to work on this myself, I support your
> initiative.

Hint taken. ;)

My only problem is that I don't have any system that's able to reproduce this bug (only Mac or Linux) and I'd rather not want to submit this already very obscure issue without being sure that the attached example/application is really reproducing the problem.


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