[logback-dev] Building logback under Eclipse in 61 easy steps.

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Fri Oct 28 23:35:46 CEST 2011

Hi All,

Here are step by step instruction for building logback under Eclipse
in 61 easy steps.

For me, the key to building logback under Eclipse is to avoid using
m2eclipse. If you have it installed, you can disable it by removing
the Maven Nature for a given project.

- Install Eclipse Indigo, aka Eclipse 3.7

- in eclipse.ini file modify the parameter "mx", i.e. change
   -Xmx384m to -Xmx1384m

- Install Groovy-Eclipse Feature from


no installation of m2e Configurator for Groovy-Eclipse necessary

- Install Scala IDE for Eclipse	from


no installation of JDT Weaving, no Scala IDE for Eclipse Source
feature necessary.


   where $LOGBACK_HOME stands for the location where you cloned the
   logback project from github

- Remove any existing .settings, .classpath, .project directories
   under $LOGBACK_HOME and its sub-folders. This step seems to be

- Run 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' in $LOGBACK_HOME

- In eclipse import the logback project: Import -> General -> Existing
   Prokects into Workspace, select $LOGBACK_HOME folder for the import

- add the scala nature to logback-core project: (right click on
   logback-core project -> Configure -> Add Scala Nature)

- remove the
   directory from the list of source folders (logback-classic ->
   project properties -> Java Build Path)

- clean all projects in Eclipse (Project -> Clean)

- Select logback-classic project and convert it to "Groovy project"
   (right click on logback-classic project -> Configure -> Convert
   Groovy to Project)

That's it. Please let me know if the above works for you.


ps: The above also works for Helios. The only difference is that the
Groovy-Eclipse feature needs to be installed from


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