[logback-dev] About LBCORE-224...

Holger Hoffstaette holger.hoffstaette at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 30 18:39:14 CEST 2011


On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 18:27:19 +0200, Holger Hoffstaette wrote:

> What I was trying to say is that the bug is much more likely in ZK and one
> of its racy/buggy codepaths that merely exposes this symptom. They

This is further backed by the fact that this happens during a (one of
many?) test case during ZKServer shutdown. If they have multiple threads
shutting down the server, zombie threads hanging around in the background
and maybe shutting down logging (?) or doing other crazy things then it's
easy to see how this could result in bungled lock acquisition.


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