[logback-dev] non serializing SocketAppender

Enrico Spinielli enrico.spinielli at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 16 10:03:10 CET 2012

I am looking for some direction or historical memories about the possibility
to have a SocketAppender that does not serialize the payload.
(This is to be able to read at the other end with a non Java based program...)

Browsing the code it seems that one possibility is to have a derived class of
SocketAppender to implement
to return a PreSerializationTransformer that does no transformations,
but then the event object is (/seems to be) written to an ObjectOutputStream.

This means, I guess, that even if you write a custom serialization
code and avoid any
transformations, in the end, the event will still be written to the
pipe as a java object.

Please comment on the above statements and provide directions or examples for
further explorations.

Thanks a lot in advance
Enrico Spinielli
"Do Androids dream of electric sheep?"— Philip K. Dick
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