[logback-dev] How to contribute to logback?

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Wed Oct 24 21:35:07 CEST 2012

On 24.10.2012 20:46, Becker, Thomas wrote:
> Thanks, I'll look into changing the configuration to use elements.

 > I was not aware of the FINALIZE_SESSION marker, though I don't think
 > it would work for our use case.  My RFE was originally to just make
 > the appender timeout configurable.  But then I thought about it more
 > and decided the real problem was that there is no way to cap the
 > number of sub-appenders (and the scarce resources they consume, like
 > FDs) that can be spun up in response to a burst of activity.  In our
 > case, we expose a job engine to clients and use SiftingAppender to
 > direct each job to its own log.  But when we get a flood of new job
 > submissions, we ran out of FDs which cripples the system in all sorts
 > of ways that should not be affected by logging.  But now we can cap
 > the number of appenders we want to allow, and clients don't need to
 > know to pass a marker stating they're done with the logger.  So I
 > guess I'm saying that although the marker is nice, the maxAppenders
 > setting is more like a safety valve to keep Bad Things from happening

Capping the max number of sub-appender sound like what *not* to do in
your scenario. For example, if the cap is 100 and 101 requests are
received in a short amount of time, then you will be prematurely
opening and closing sub-appenders in the scenario you describe.
Reconfiguring an sub-appender is not exactly cheap.

I reiterate my question. Can you identify an end-of-session point in 
your code after which resources can be released?

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