[logback-dev] [Interesting Issue] - User defined logback configuration file for multiple WARS

Shivaram A shivaram2004 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 19:33:53 UTC 2016

Hello All

Here is an interesting logback issue.

I have logback used in my already existing project. These logback
configuration files are externalized to tomcat server. The project consists
of multiple web modules and each of these have respective logbacks like
logback-PROJ1.xml, logback.PROJ2.xml etc and these are working completely

As per logback specification, logback configuration file should be defined
as logback.xml or logback-test.xml. It is surprising that logs are
generated on above defined custom naming conventions. I did check all the
logback.Configuration set up etc but there are no values indeed.

Please help me how can this work. Is there any other way that this code is
working correctly. I am trying to implement a new module on this project
and now its not working for me. I am using tomcat6.0
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