[logback-dev] Logback PR #352: Add appender for TestNG Reporter

Scott Babcock scoba at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 11 21:29:40 CET 2017


My PR #352 (https://github.com/qos-ch/logback/pull/352) was closed, stating that it's not generic enough. Given that TestNG is the most widely used Java testing framework in the world, how much more generic does a Logback logger need to be for it to be included in the mainline project?

The primary challenge with spinning this up as a separate project is that much of the basic building blocks for developing loggers and unit tests haven't been defined or published in a form that facilitates extension and importation of these existing declarations. Consequently, it's necessary to duplicate a significant volume of the implementation from the mainline project into the companion logger project. This is terribly inefficient and exposes the external project to the risk of breakage as revisions are applied to the mainline project that aren't automatically picked up by the companion project.

Please advise.

= Scott Babcock =

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