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logback / LOGBACK-1520 [Open]
threadname not correctly resolved in SocketAppender


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Wolfgang Deifel created this issue on 10/Aug/20 1:59 PM
Summary:              threadname not correctly resolved in SocketAppender
Issue Type:           Bug
Affects Versions:     1.3.0-alpha4
Assignee:             Logback dev list
Components:           logback-classic
Created:              10/Aug/20 1:59 PM
Environment:          Windows 10 Pro
Priority:             Major
Reporter:             Wolfgang Deifel
  When using SocketAppender as the only appender for a certain Logger the threadName from the logging event is not evaluated in the calling thread as expected but in the writing thread which does the serialization. This leads to a wrong threadName on consumer side.
  If there are other appenders attached to a certain logger, the threadName is resolved and cached in the LoggingEvent in the calling thread and so it is correct.

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