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logback / LOGBACK-1657 [Open]
LoggingEventV0 is loosing the nanoseconds


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Bertrand Renuart created this issue on 13/Aug/22 12:14 PM
Summary:              LoggingEventV0 is loosing the nanoseconds
Issue Type:           Bug
Affects Versions:     1.3.0-beta0
Assignee:             Logback dev list
Components:           logback-classic
Created:              13/Aug/22 12:14 PM
  LoggingEventV0 stores the event timestamp as a long with mills precision. It therefore looses the nanoseconds precision from the original LoggingEvent.
  Instead it should rather get and store the Instant from the original ILoggingEvent and (if needed) derive the millis from it.
  Also, it doesn't implement the getInstant() method inherited from the ILoggingEvent interface and therefore inherits the default implementation which returns null. This may be rather confusing when the original event was initialised with an Instant.
Priority:             Major
Reporter:             Bertrand Renuart

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