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logback / LOGBACK-1667 [Open]
Unused animal-sniffer-maven-plugin in <pluginManagement> section


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Bertrand Renuart created this issue on 21/Aug/22 9:44 PM
Summary:              Unused animal-sniffer-maven-plugin in <pluginManagement> section
Issue Type:           Improvement
Affects Versions:     1.3.0-beta0
Assignee:             Logback dev list
Created:              21/Aug/22 9:44 PM
Priority:             Major
Reporter:             Bertrand Renuart
  The <pluginManagement> section of logback-parent pom contains a declaration of the animal-sniffer-maven-plugin but this plugin is not used by any of the project modules.
  This entry is probably obsolete and can be safely removed.

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