[logback-user] Trouble setting up logback in tomcat.

Marten Deinum marten.deinum at conspect.nl
Wed Dec 20 10:13:03 CET 2006

For my current project I would like to switch out all the logging which is
currently being done by log4j and here en there by commons-logging to one
framework. After some searching I discoverd SLF4J and Logback as the
successor to log4j. In your code I swapped out all the log4j and
commons-logging to the SLF4J api and I want to use Logback as my logger. I
converted our log4j.properties file with the configuration converter on the
website, so I assume that is correct.

In the tomcat directory I have the following logging libs (I want tomcat to
use SLF4J to)

In our webapplication (which is a packaged war and doesn't get unpacked!) I

The contents of the logback.xml in the commons directory just contains a
simple ConsoleAppender and is configured to WARN level.

The file in the WEB-INF directory is configured as a file which should be
written to c:\logs\mylog.log, configured different levels for different
packages we use.

However logback isn't getting picked up, everything is being logged by the
java.util classes (as it appears thatone is being initialized by tomcat
instead of the logback logger). 

I tried different configurations, all the logback/slf4j jars in the
commons/lib and one config file in commons/classes. Different jars in
commons/lib and WEB-INF/lib but until now everytime with the same result,
only logging to JUL and nothing to logback and my configured logfile. 

Currently I'm at a loss on what to do and how to make it work. I need some
assistance with this.

Kind Regards,

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